Relaxation Zone

16.00 - 22.00

We kindly inform, that guests have to be over 16 years of age to stay in the spa.

The first 90 minutes for hotel Guests free of charge!

Our Hotel also houses a RELAXATION ZONE which has been launched with the thought of our Guests as well as our city's inhabitants.

Inside the zone, surrounded by elegant and cosy interior, you will be able to indulge yourself in peace and quiet, while enjoying our Jacuzzi, dry sauna and the steam room or availing of the services or fitness room.

We warmly invite you!

  • Sauna is a room with maintained high temperature and high  or low humidity in which one should spend from several to several dozen
  • A stay in the sauna has purifying properties for the body, releasing it from toxins, improving  blood circulation and making the body more immune to diseases.
  • After a stay in the sauna it is usually advisable to take a bath in cool water.
  • Single entrance to the sauna should last approx. 5-15 minutes, and the total time spent there  should not exceed 30 minutes per day i.e. 2 x 15 min or  3 x 10 min.
  • The use of  sauna with a frequency of 2-3 times a week is considered effective. After each exit from the sauna one should take a shower alternating it with hot and cold water
     and  then one should rest for 10-15 minutes.
  • While in the sauna and at rest it is best to drink juices or mineral water.
  • During a stay in the sauna one must not lubricate the body or face  with any creams.
  • It is best to use the sauna approximately 2 hours after a meal.