Pursuant to entry into force of the European principles of personal data protection RODO we wish to declare that within the framework of the business activity carried out by Ruben Hotel we abide by the rules of this protection, realizing all our activities while maintaining at all times the safety standards, we have adequate procedures in place the purpose of which is to increase safety of personal data processing.

We thus guarantee that the gathered and stored personal data will be processed by us in line with the principle of minimalism, that is with a limitation of data to those strictly necessary and for a period of time necessary for the realization of the purpose of their processing.

We operate within the framework of the approved safety policy which anticipates constant control and monitoring of the systems of personal data processing. We also inform you that you have the right to access, amend, delete or limit the processing of your personal data at each point in time.

Who is the administrator of personal data of the Guests?

The Administrator, that is the entity deciding on how the personal data of Guests are to be processed, is the Company AMP Spółka zograniczoną odpowiedzialnością i Wspólnicy Spółka Komandytowa,Al Konstytucji 3 Maja 1 A, 65-805 Zielona Góra, being the owner of Ruben Hotel Zielona Góra.

Where do we obtain your data from?

We have received them directly from the Guests upon making reservation of the service at Ruben Hotel, or they have been passed on to us pursuant to the agreement with entities who are intermediaries in the service of accommodation booking at Ruben Hotel, in accordance with the expressed consent of the Guest performing the booking.

What is the purpose and the legal basis for the processing of personal data of the Guests?

We process personal data of the Guests, since it is necessary for the execution of agreement concluded with a given Guest in relation to the performance of a booking of the services provided by Ruben Hotel. Furthermore, the provisions of law require that we process data of our Guests for fiscal and accounting purposes.

In detailed purposes, we process also the data of our Guests in order to ensure the paid services and to contact our Guests in order to provided them with the best quality of service offered by Ruben Hotel and through the use of hotel monitoring, to ensure safety to the hotel Guests and to other persons accompanying them at Ruben Hotel.

Data Administrator discloses the personal data of Guests solely to the entities whose actions support the service and the realization of the services ordered at Ruben Hotel, including entities providing paid services or ensuring correct functioning of IT systems, as well as supporting the realization of the ordered services. The disclosure occurs solely pursuant to the concluded agreements, ensuring safety of the personal data passed on to us.

Personal data of Guests obtained pursuant to the concluded agreement for the provisions of hotel services will be processed for the period of expiry of fiscal claims or civil-legal claims by Ruben Hotel or the Guest, depending on which of these events occurs first. Data obtained through the monitoring will be processed for the period of 7 days from the day of consolidation, and subsequently they will be permanently removed.

Ruben Hotel may pass the personal data onto the organs and state authorities, or tax authorities on the basis of adequate provisions of the law, authorizing them to obtain the personal data, provided that adequate grounds for such demands of disclosure of personal data are in place and that they are submitted in line with the applicable law.

Must the Guest disclose his/her personal data?

In order to fully realize the services ordered by the Guests from the moment of submission by the Guest of an intention to conclude an agreement with us, until the moment of completion of such realization, we require indication of the necessary personal data, which include: first name, surname, address of residence, telephone number and email address. Lack of indicating some of the above data will cause our inability to ensure the required quality of the provided services and fulfill the required by law fiscal obligations.

What are the rights of Guests in terms of the processed by the Ruben Hotel personal data?

Each Guest is entitled to access their personal data as well as amend, remove or limit their processing. Each Guest is entitled to submit an objection against the processing. Access to data is possible in the headquarters of Ruben Hotel. The Administrator also provides an email address hotel@rubenhotel.pl by means of which it is possible to contact us regarding personal data.

Each Guest is entitled to submit a complaint with respect of our processing of personal data to the supervisory body, which is the General Inspector on Protection of Personal Data (address: GeneralnyInspektor Danych Osobowych , ul. Sawki2,00-193 Warszawa).